Friday, December 28, 2012

Camera advise/suggestions

I tried asking Santa for a new camera this year but all he managed me was a $35 doller Best Buy gift card. Anyways I will do the unthinkable and will just post my question to you without doing a bunch of the research up front.

I am looking to take better photos of my work. Im assuming macro photography is what I am going for and I have tripod and light cubes and the other stuff.

With a $200-$400 budget in mind for investing in just the camera, and without getting overly fancy about gear and camera technicals what would you guys recommend as being my best choices and if you care to elaborate as to why that would be great because I feel I still have a lot to learn.

I want to get good results without getting overly complicated. I know the world of cameras is very vast, expensive, and for me its a little complicated. Also I am hoping to find a good value for what I have to spend. I have heard that Nikon makes a pretty good product so I am leaning that way a little bit.

There are so many choices so I am looking to achieve is to make a fairly informed decision knowing this camera will be dedicated strickly to photos of glass, and likely my GF’s beaded jewelry as well.

Thank you in advance


Camera advise/suggestions

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